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Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera Review and Sample Footage

Amazing quality footage for the price


The one thing I do not like about the camera is the menu. Most settings need to be changed via the menu by navigating away from the current view.
Short battery life with the default battery.

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Overall, the Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera has amazing quality footage and a great portable camera to use for video projects.

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I enjoy using the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC). It has excellent quality and is portable enough to bring with me to places without drawing excess attention. Canon and Nikon Lenses can be placed on the camera with the right adapters. I use the 24-105mm L Lens for my camera.

One thing to be aware of is the Crop factor.

This can be adjusted with a Speed Booster” which can be expensive depending on what you need (around $100-$650).





Link to Camera Info:

Price: $995

Sample Footage:


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Red Giant Made a Short film with the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera:

Red Giant | “Old/New” – Narrated by Patton Oswalt

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