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New Stock Music January – February 2016

New Stock Music January – February 2016

by ElvenEleganceFebruary 21, 2016

New stock music available to be purchased for use in creative projects including films, games, and other visual media.

The music list below includes music of various genres including ambient, atmospheric, electronic, Japanese Inspired, EDM, Dubstep, and more.


Corporate Elves


Elven Tree Homes


Fox Spirits and Elves


Energized Travel


The Executive Atmosphere


The Classic Room


The Irish Ninja


The Elves




Abstract Lounge


The Samurai Executive


Water Elfs




Japanese Dream


Friendly Leprechauns


Water Spirits By The Lake


桜 Falls


Traveling on a Journey in a Car


北海道 – Hokkaido


Winter Season Shift


Kyoto Streets




Gnomes In Space


The Gnome Armada


Epic Japan




Grand and Atmospheric


Water Elves


The Premier Journey to Japan


Japanese Dream


The Opening