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Music – サマータイム 尺八 笛忍者 Summertime (Cover/Improv by Flute Ninja)

Listen to this new track by Flute Ninja.
Flute ninja is a musician who plays various types of Japanese flutes including the Shakuhachi and Shinobue Flutes.


サマータイム 尺八 笛忍者 Summertime (Cover/Improv by Flute Ninja)

In this track he mixes Japanese and Jazz sounds and in my opinion almost has a “Native American” ambience in part of it.

Flute Ninja’s Inspiration for the song:

“Well, Summertime was one of the first songs I learned on shakuhachi.”

Why Summertime?

“I don’t know, it was something about the tune, and it was a classic jazz piece. I wanted to learn how to play jazz on the shakuhachi. I saw a tutorial by David Zasloff on Youtube and started to study it.

I was amazed on how he played that song…that was back in 2010 I believe.”


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