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Japan – The place where I would Love to Live…

I would love to live in Japan

My goal is to inspire people in Japan and internationally as well as to promote Japanese Japanese Culture, especially the traditional cultures that exist in Japan.

Japanese culture provides me with constant inspiration and I would love the chance to live there one day soon.

If I had the chance to go to Japan again, I wouldn’t hesitate to go the same day if possible.

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I am especially interested in the Island of Hokkaido. I love cold weather and nature and from what I have found from research and seen from pictures, it is the perfect place for me to be. The skiing in Hokkaido looks amazing.




Art and Creative Projects

I am intersted in creative projects and collaborations with other artists.

I recently did a collaboration with Flute Ninja where he played the Shakuhachi flute with one of the songs I made.

“Forest Ambiance” Ft Flute Ninja (Shakuhachi Mix)

You can find more of his music on Soundcloud and ReverbNation:





Here is some of the creative equipment I have available to create content once I am in Japan:
Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera
Canon 7D
Professional Film Lighting Kit
iPad Air (for creating music)
I also have a studio mic and a shotgun mic that can be plugged in to my iphone and ipad for mobile use.




To find more links on Japan, you can reference my other article here: Japan – Websites – Guides – Resources


Other Notes:

I purchased the photos of this post from a great website called pond5.com and used Lightroom to enhance them.

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