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New Stock Music January – February 2016

New Stock Music January – February 2016

by ElvenEleganceFebruary 21, 2016

New stock music available to be purchased for use in creative projects including films, games, and other visual media.

The music list below includes music of various genres including ambient, atmospheric, electronic, Japanese Inspired, EDM, Dubstep, and more.


Corporate Elves


Elven Tree Homes


Fox Spirits and Elves


Energized Travel


The Executive Atmosphere


The Classic Room


The Irish Ninja


The Elves




Abstract Lounge


The Samurai Executive


Water Elfs




Japanese Dream


Friendly Leprechauns


Water Spirits By The Lake


桜 Falls


Traveling on a Journey in a Car


北海道 – Hokkaido


Winter Season Shift


Kyoto Streets




Gnomes In Space


The Gnome Armada


Epic Japan




Grand and Atmospheric


Water Elves


The Premier Journey to Japan


Japanese Dream


The Opening

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池 Pond

池 Pond

by ElvenEleganceSeptember 8, 2015
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♫ The Japanese Fields

♫ The Japanese Fields

by ElvenEleganceAugust 16, 2015

This is a song I made while thinking about fields in Japan.

Apps Used:

Gadget by Korg on the Ipad

The koto is one of my favorite instruments. At the moment, I am using the “koto” sounds from the music apps I use. In the future I would like to have my own koto and use it in my music.

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Looking for a New Way to Make Coffee?

Looking for a New Way to Make Coffee?

by ElvenEleganceAugust 9, 2015

The French Press is the tool I use for making coffee. It is easy to use and makes great coffee. Someone I know introduced me to this a while ago.
It is simple:

  1. Add the ground coffee
  2. Add hot water (can also be made with cold water but could take longer)
  3. Wait about 5 minutes more or less depending how strong you want the coffee
  4. Press down
  5. Finished



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Music – サマータイム 尺八 笛忍者 Summertime (Cover/Improv by Flute Ninja)

Music – サマータイム 尺八 笛忍者 Summertime (Cover/Improv by Flute Ninja)

by ElvenEleganceJuly 20, 2015

Listen to this new track by Flute Ninja.
Flute ninja is a musician who plays various types of Japanese flutes including the Shakuhachi and Shinobue Flutes.


サマータイム 尺八 笛忍者 Summertime (Cover/Improv by Flute Ninja)

In this track he mixes Japanese and Jazz sounds and in my opinion almost has a “Native American” ambience in part of it.

Flute Ninja’s Inspiration for the song:

“Well, Summertime was one of the first songs I learned on shakuhachi.”

Why Summertime?

“I don’t know, it was something about the tune, and it was a classic jazz piece. I wanted to learn how to play jazz on the shakuhachi. I saw a tutorial by David Zasloff on Youtube and started to study it.

I was amazed on how he played that song…that was back in 2010 I believe.”


Flute Ninja’s Links:

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IPad Musicians – Creating Music on The IPad

IPad Musicians – Creating Music on The IPad

by ElvenEleganceJuly 15, 2015
Have you ever wanted to make music but the software and equipment is too expensive?

If you have an IPad, there are many powerful apps that could help you create professional quality music.
Some of the music apps/plugins are a fraction of the price of their desktop versions.

Connecting Music Applications Together

Audiobus is a great app to link many apps together. You can have multiple layers of audio go to multiple inputs in a DAW. You can also run the sound through multiple effects apps.

Inter App Audio (IAA) is the built in system for connecting music apps together. This connectivity includes using apps as an “effect.” I like using Inter App Audio in Auria.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Quick Concepts and Ideas

If you have a song idea you want to record, Figure is a quick and good way to get that idea quickly for reference later or for expansion

It is a $1 app but amazing things could be done with it.

It can be used like a toy but also can be used professionally.


DAWs – Digital Audio Workstations

My favorite DAWs on the IPad are:

  • Auria
  • Cubasis

Auria by Wave Machine Labs has various plugin extensions including from FabFilter which range around $5 – $60 per plugin with the Fab Filter plugins being the most expensive but extremely useful.

As of writing this post, Auria does not have Midi instruments/sequencers yet but it is in the works in their “Auria Pro“.

Auria Pro


Auria fabfilter Example

Cubasis does have midi instrument capabilities but does not have the third party plugins like Auria does.

I like the midi capability of Cubasis and have used it in many of my songs.

Music Creation with Gadget

Gadget by Korg is a very powerful IPad app for making music. It uses midi sequencers and each track is exportable to various audio formats as well as midi.

It a large selection of sounds from various synthesizers and drum kits. They also have a few synthesizers/kits you can purchase which can add over 1,200 sounds depending on which you purchase.

Some of the extra sounds you have to purchase after downloading the separate Korg app like Module or iM1 which are in the form of in-app purchases. Module is the more expensive of the 2 but includes great piano sounds.

If you are to purchase the sounds of one of the synthesizers, iM1 could be a good choice. With the 2 sound packs they have (about $5 each), a few thousand quality sounds.

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Gnomes in Space

Gnomes in Space

by ElvenEleganceJuly 14, 2015

Gnomes in Space was edited in Sony Vegas Pro using footage from

I made the song exclusively on the Ipad using an app called Gadget.

Most of my music is inspired by Japanese Culture, along with Irish, Scottish, and Celtic music.

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